Thank you for your interest in joining the BDC! We’re happy to have you. We currently offer memberships for students, individuals, and couples. Joining the Berkeley Democratic Club gives you full voting privileges in our endorsement meetings.

For the purpose of voting in our endorsement meetings, your membership officially begins when our treasurer has your payment in hand. Per our endorsement rules, only members who paid more than 60 days in advance of an endorsement meeting are eligible to vote in that meeting (for more info, see our club bylaws). Please note that filling out the form is required to join the BDC. However, your membership and voting privileges WILL NOT be final until our treasurer has received your payment. 

There are currently two ways you can pay for your membership: first, you can pay our treasurer in person at the next club meeting; second, you can send cash or check to:

Berkeley Democratic Club
c/o Fred Harvey, Treasurer
2824 Benvenue Avenue
Berkeley, CA  94705

Please note that while you do not have to include your significant other's name, if you wish to sign up as a couple and your significant other wishes to vote at BDC meetings, we will need their name ahead of any meeting where they want to cast a vote.
Please include if your significant other would also like to receive Berkeley Democratic Club emails.